A tropical garden hotel in Medan, North Sumatra

Surrounded by a lush tropical garden, Hotel Deli River offers an unique experience for your stay in the city of Medan.

Located 12 kilometers outside of the city centre, 1 hour drive from Kuala Namu Airport of Medan, our cottages are surrounded by a rich variety of fruits and plants native to North Sumatra, such as rambutan, jambu, sawo, mango, palm trees, banana trees, and a marvellous variety of tropical flowers.

Additionally, our tropical garden is home to more than twenty species of different exotic birds.

Every room has hot water showers powered by solar energy, TV with international channels, complimentary water, coffee and tea, and free Wi-Fi access so you will stay connected with family and friends.

Our Covid-19 Prevention Policies

Restaurant Omlandia

Restaurant Omlandia is a spacious non-Air Conditioned, open air restaurant, where guests can ensure physical distance in order to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.
Should you want to come to Restaurant Omlandia, we kindly ask you to make a Reservation in advance. We currently only allow a limited number of guests in our restaurant. These company policies are in place so that we know the number of people in the restaurant, and so that we can ensure a safe physical distance between guests.

Hotel Deli River

The rooms of Hotel Deli River are located in separate buildings, accessible from outside, with your own private veranda.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Oasis of Medan

Management Hotel Deli River and Restaurant Omlandia

Our spacious open air Restaurant Omlandia serves a variety of traditional Indonesian and western dishes in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

The swimming pool is located at the edge of the valley facing the Deli River with the beautiful Sumatran jungle as its backdrop.

Relax, enjoy, and recharge in our swimming pool, on the veranda of your room, or on the terrace of Restaurant Omlandia. Hotel Deli River gives a personal touch to our service and atmosphere.

We are sure you will find your stay with us on Indonesia’s magnificent island of Sumatra, most memorable. Hotel Deli River, truly an Oasis in the city of Medan.

Features of Accommodation

Free WiFi
in rooms and restaurant
Sanitary Facilities

shower and bath

Bedroom Comforts

balcony and terrace with jungle view

Air Conditioned
Swimming Pool
Inclusive Breakfast

opposite the cottages

Tour Packages

custom tour packages, treks, and holidays

Airport shuttle

available with surcharge

Spoken Languages

English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Indonesian, Tetum 

Yoga Class

Rooms & Suites

Deluxe Cottage

  2 guests    42 m2

Spacious and serene, this air-conditioned room is fitted with a flat screen TV, a private bathroom, and a private balcony overlooking our green tropical garden set amidst the Sumatran jungle.

Honeymoon Suite

  2 guests    43 m2

Studio Room with Kitchenette

  2 – 5 guests    46 m2

Family Room

  4 guests    46 m2

Traditional Indonesian & Western Dishes

Restaurant Omlandia

The restaurant Omlandia of Hotel Deli River serves the finest cuisines at friendly prices. The restaurant and the surrounding cottages are designed and built in traditional Batak Simalungun architecture with a colonial flavour. The name “Omlandia” derives from the student society “Omlandia”, established in 1837 in Groningen, the Netherlands. “Omlandia” refers to the countryside around a town, in this case the thousand years old Dutch city of Groningen.


Tours over Sumatra with Tri Jaya Tour & Travel

Lake Toba

Danau Toba in the Batak highlands, approximately five hours drive from Medan. There are two ways to go to Lake Toba from Medan. One way via Brastagi in the Karo highlands and the other way along the plantation route and Pematang Siantar.

Orang Utans

Since 1973 exists in Bohorok / Bukit Lawang the orang utan rehabilitation centre where orang utans can be viewed in the jungle. Former captivated orang utans are here set free, back in their natural environment. As they were not used to find food on their own …

Heritage Tours

Medan is the third city of Indonesia and capital of North Sumatra province. The city has intense commercial contacts with Penang and Singapore as well as China. The city thanked it fast development to the plantation industry, first tobacco, later on rubber and palmoil.

Indonesian Islands

It was in the province of West Java where Indonesia first made significant contact with the outside world, beginning with traders from India, later with Europeans. It was also from here that the Dutch started the colonization of Java in the sixteenth century …

Sumatran Elephants

In this impressive national parc are, besides still endless primary tropical rainforests, two major animal attractions to visit. These are Bohorok / Bukit Lawang where you can visit the orang utans and Tangkahan where you can ride elephants.

West Sumatra

The journey to West Sumatra along Lake Toba is a lovely route. After leaving Prapat, the main harbor on Lake Toba, we proceed via terraced rice fields on the borders of the lake, while on our left hand the impressive Bukit Barisan mountain range rises up.